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FM Plotter Pro , frequency modulation now even better

FM Plotter Pro was an attempt to create an android app out of the original FM Plotter project with additional improved features. This includes improved performance, a new third modulating wave, an improved graphical user interface and a play button which let the user hear the changes on the waveforms in real time. It also let you zoom in at the waveforms to see the actual changes of frequency modulation. With higher frequencies it gets more and more difficult to see the actual modulation. But you will definitely hear it.

FM Plotter Pro is written in Python 3 and uses the cross-plattform framework Kivy. It can run on Android, Linux and Windows. The .apk and .exe will be released here soon.

If you want to learn more about Frequency Modulation please check out my previous post. I’ve also created a video where i go into more details about the maths.

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