PiFrame | Raspberry Pi

I’ve built a digital photo frame with a 8×8 RGB led matrix as display. It uses a Raspberry Pi and was programmed with Python. It has a few animations, you can play Snake on it and it also can act as a clock. I’ve got inspired by the game frame.

Before I’ve used the Raspberry Pi, I’ve experimented with an Arduino and some green LEDs. I’ve created a simple circuit with a button and programmed “Snake” on it. The LEDs were controlled via multiplexing.

This project was more of a “let’s play around with Arduino and Raspberry Pi and learn how you can use them”

You can find more details in the videos and in the descriptions of the videos below.

LED Matrix Arduino

PiFrame | 1st version

PiFrame | 2nd version

PiFrame | 3rd version

Github: https://github.com/denczo/PiFrame

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