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How to use multiple SPIs on Raspberry Pi (e.g. 3.5 inch Touchscreen, MCP 3008)

A display or a digital/analog converter (DAC) uses the SPI (serial peripheral interface) to communicate with the Raspberry Pi. The MCP 3008 is a DAC which reads analog values and converts them into digital ones. The Raspberry Pi itself can’t… Continue Reading →

Kuman MHS-3.5inch touchscreen with Pygame on Raspberry Pi on command-line

The Kuman MHS-3.5inch is a resistive touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi. It’s a cheap alternative to the more expensive touchscreens from Adafruit. This tutorial is about how to install it correctly on your Raspberry Pi, so that you can use… Continue Reading →

How to read out analog signals (sensors, potentiometers etc) with Raspberry, SPI and MCP3008

The Raspberry Pi has a serial peripheral interface (SPI) which can be used to communicate with microcontrollers, display drivers or in our case digital/analog converters (DACs). By default the Raspberry Pi can’t read analog signals, it only can read digital… Continue Reading →

How to install Eardrum Blaster on Raspberry Pi

The Eardrum Blaster is a DIY Synthesizer written in Python. Please notice: the current version is experimental. It will work on your Raspberry Pi but it’s not optimized. This can result in a distorted and discontinuous sound! It was tested… Continue Reading →

DIY Synthesizer | Python

Audio Synthesis seems like magic at first but in fact it isn’t. I’ve created a synthesizer with effects like Reverb, an ADSR envelope and a LFO. I’m using Python 3, the lowlevel library Pyaudio, RtMidi for Midi Input and Tkinter… Continue Reading →

Arc Reactor MK I | 3D printed

This is a 3D printed Arc Reactor which i modeled in Blender 2.8. It has animated RGB leds which are controlled by an Arduino Nano which is connected to a powerbank. The animation is an endless loop. You can find… Continue Reading →

PiFrame | Raspberry Pi

I’ve built a digital photo frame with a 8×8 RGB led matrix as display. It uses a Raspberry Pi and was programmed with Python. It has a few animations, you can play Snake on it and it also can act… Continue Reading →

Star Wars scenery | Blender

Modelled and rendered in Blender. Rendered image tuned with Photoshop.

Space Fighter | Blender

Modelled and rendered in Blender, Textures created with Photoshop CS6.

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